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When it comes to chat, security is paramount! Here are the many ways how we keep your data secure & compliant to protect your business and users:

Security Standards




CometChat's compliance has matched the required 5 criteria's: security, privacy, availability, confidentiality, & processing integrity!


Need us to sign a BAA? No problem, this will allow you to use CometChat in healthcare apps which share private health information!


We even provide a special API so that you can maintain compliance on your end


Your data and all the communication within CometChat is encrypted using in-transit


All files saved with AES-256 encryption is stored our private cloud and access is tightly restricted. CometChat proactively conducts regular third-party penetration testing to ensure security and immediately address any slightest potential vulnerabilities

ISO 27001


Coming soon!

💡 Encryption at-rest means the data saved on disks is not readable by
any user or application without a valid key

💡 Encryption in-transit protects the server-server/client-server
communication over a network. This protection is achieved by encrypting
the data before transmission, authenticating the endpoints, decrypting
and verifying the data on arrival

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