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We truly believe in the success of our customers because without you, our mission wouldn't be as meaningful!

That's why we offer dedicated Slack support to our Enterprise customers to help implement, troubleshoot, and resolve in real-time 👨🏻‍🔧👷🏽‍♀️! Slack is a communication and collaboration platform to get more work done quickly and efficiently.

What are the benefits?

With your exclusive Slack support, you and your team will receive a private channel amongst yourselves and our team of 30+ engineers, support, and success members! Have a question late at night or during a dire situation? Our team will be right on top of it in minutes' time to help you navigate and get you through any sticky situation.

Not interested? That's ok!

Here are some alternative methods for support if Slack isn't your thing:

1️⃣ Documentation

2️⃣ Shoot Us An Email

3️⃣ Live Chat

4️⃣ Community Forum

Not an Enterprise customer? Our Sales team can still get you set up with a dedicated Slack channel. Simply click the Contact button below to get started!

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