Enhanced unread message count FAQs

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  1. How is this different from the current Unread Message Count?
    • The new and enhanced Unread message count is built on an entirely new platform in CometChat. This platform will be the base as we continue enhancing our Unread Count capabilities. Early Access users help us test initial functionality now and give input on what we add next. 
  2. How do I get this feature?
  3. Why should I switch to this feature?
    • If you have any existing problems with your unread message counts, we recommend switching to this new platform. 
  4. Is there any impact if I switch to this feature?
    • The unread counts in conversation lists will briefly be inaccurate, but as soon as a conversation is opened, the count will reset and be accurate going forward. From the time when the new Unread Message Count is activated, all historical messages will lose the "delivered" and "read" data, meaning past messages may not accurately reflect a "delivered" or "read" status. 

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