AI conversation starters and smart replies

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  1. What is this feature?
    • Conversation Starter: This provides end users with appropriate message suggestions for starting conversations when a user is trying to connect with someone new. 
    • Smart Replies: This provides end users with response suggestions based on previous messages in a conversation by analyzing the user's writing style.

  2. How do I get this feature?
    • Just sign up at this link, and then you'll get an email with the next steps!

  3. What kind of replies will Smart Replies provide?
    • Smart Replies will provide one positive, one neutral, and one negative response.
    • If you want your users to only see positive and neutral options, you can easily ignore the negative response.

  4. Which one is better: the new Smart Replies or the existing Smart Replies Extension? Do I need both?
    • The new one, of course! The new Smart Replies feature takes into account the entire conversation before suggesting replies, so your users get richer and more accurate responses.
    • Once you enable the new Smart Replies feature, you can switch off the old Smart Replies Extension.

  5. Why can't I just build my own ChatGPT wrapper?
    • You can, but our AI features take a lot of data into account before suggesting. For example, in Smart Replies, we understand the user's writing style before we suggest responses. 
      • For example, if a user is chatting in their native language but writing using English characters (known as transliteration), our Smart Replies feature automatically understands that and will then suggest responses accordingly.
    • Long story short, our Smart Replies are not a simple wrapper around ChatGPT.

  6. How can I improve the relevancy of responses? 
    • Please make sure that you clearly mention your app or site's use case in the Custom Instructions section while configuring the AI features.

  7. Why do I have to use OpenAI keys? Are there any alternatives? 
    • We are building our own LLM, but until that is ready for prime time, we require customers to enter their own OpenAI keys. In the near future, we will also allow the ability to connect CometChat with other popular LLMs.

  8. Which implementation method is this feature currently available in?
    • This feature is currently available in our APIs, SDKs, and UI Kits. 
    • Documentation for APIs and SDKs can be found here. Documentation for UI Kits can be found in the individual UI Kit documentation; simply click on the kit you want to use and scroll down in the left-hand menu until you see AI.

  9. After we enable this feature for you, there are a couple of things to remember:
    • Once you have access, you can add the relevant functionality to your UI by using the new SDK methods
    • You also need to update Custom Instructions with your app's use case in the CometChat Dashboard. Remember, this is how the system will be able to provide relevant responses.

  10. What is the context in which OpenAI needs to provide suggestions? 
    • OpenAI reads 50 messages of conversation history, which sets the context of conversations and tone of messages.

  11. Does a developer manually have to provide a conversation context?
    • No, CometChat provides a context of the last 50 messages sent to OpenAI by users to create a good conversation starter

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