Token based media access

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  1. What is this feature?
    • Token Based Media Access provides a more secure way to access media files exchanged between your users. 
    • With our new Token Based Media Access feature, each user receives a unique media URL. 
    • So when you deactivate a user, their URL stops working and the media can no longer be accessed. 
  2. How do I get this feature?
  3. How does this feature work? 
    • CometChat will generate a special access token for each media/file attachment per message receiver. So, anyone who receives an attachment, gets a token for that attachment. This is available whether files are sent in groups or one on one conversations. 
    • The token ensures that the receiver is valid and active before allowing them to access the attachment.
    • If the receiver is deactivated, they will no longer be able to access the attachment. But, any receivers who received the same attachment (say in a group) will still be able to view the media with their own unique, token based url. Active users maintain access - but files are secure from anyone who is not an active user. 
  4. Can I restrict users from directly accessing the tokenized media files by forcing them to login to my platform? 
    • Yes, you can. To achieve this, you will have to modify your client-side code to prepend every media URL with your server's URL.
  5. Which implementation methods support this feature? 
    • This feature is available for all implementation methods (Chat Widgets, UI Kits, SDKs, APIs).
  6. How can I implement this feature? 
    • You need to follow a few steps to implement this feature: 
    • Signup for our Token Based Media Access EAP here
    • Once you sign up, we'll make a quick change in the backend and let you know you're ready to go. 
    • NOTE: If you are using Webhooks, then you will need to send the API Key to the URL received in order to access a tokenized media URL. 
  7. Is the attachment tied to the sending user or the receiving user? 
    • Receiving user in both user to user and group conversations. 
  8. Please note that your previously shared media will not be tokenized and will continue to work as-is.

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