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We've introduced new infrastructure and new webhooks for you to use, these are currently available alongside the legacy webhooks you're already using. 

1. What webhooks will I have access to when I join this EAP?

  1. User related:

    1. User blocked

    2. User unblocked

    3. User connections status changed

  2. Group related:

    1. Group created

    2. Group deleted

    3. Group member joined

    4. Group member added

    5. Group member banned

    6. Group member unbanned

    7. Group member kicked

    8. Group member left

    9. Group member scope changed

    10. Group updated

    11. Group owner transferred

  3. Message related:

    1. Message sent

    2. Message edited

    3. Message deleted

    4. Message delivery receipt

    5. Message read receipt

  4. Call related:

    1. Call initiated

    2. Call started

    3. Call participant joined

    4. Call participant left

    5. Call ended

    6. Meeting started

    7. Meeting participant joined

    8. Meeting participant left

    9. Meeting ended

    10. Recording generated

2. What about my legacy webhooks? 

Right now, you’re free to keep using both your legacy webhooks on the current infrastructure and the new ones. However, our legacy webhooks feature will be deprecated (no new webhooks will be added) on April 1st, 2024. Legacy webhooks will still be available but will not be updated. Note that payloads have been modified to provide a more consistent experience across different events.

3. Which plans is this feature available in?

This feature is currently in an Early Access Program (EAP). The subscription plans will be announced at a later date.

4. What happens once I switch? 

Once you have requested access to this feature using the EAP link, you’ll receive an email letting you know it’s ready. Then simply visit your Dashboard, select your app, and head to the New Webhooks tab to configure and start using new webhooks. 

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