AI conversation summarizer and AI assist bots

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What is this feature?

AI Conversation Summarizer and AI Assist Bots allow end users to engage faster and more meaningfully with other users.

The Summarizer feature generates conversation summaries as per your needs. Depending on your use case, you can customize the Summarizer feature to generate a summary for unread messages in a conversation, for the last X number of messages, or even for a time period.

The AI Bots feature allows you to create AI-powered Bots for a variety of use cases. We provide a number of ready to use personalities for bots, and you can create your own custom personalities as well. These bots can converse one-on-one and in group conversations.

A popular use case for AI Bots is to create a coach that can help your users navigate through your business use case. For example, a dating coach can give users tips and advice on how to handle tricky dating situations.

The AI Bots Assist feature allows your users to ask questions about a conversation to the AI Bots. They can ask virtually any question to the bot. Think of it as similar to asking a friend about a chat conversation to get out of a tricky situation. For example, in a dating app, the user can ask the AI bot a question like, "I want to ask her on a date. Can you suggest how I can subtly manoeuvre the conversation in that direction?"



Q. What are Personalities?

A Personality is a set of instructions provided to the OpenAI engine to enable the engine to behave like a certain character. For example, a dating app may require the Personality of a relationship coach, or a marketplace may require a sales coach.


Each Bot created on the platform is tied to a certain personality. The difference between the two is that a Personality defines a quality, while a Bot is like a user who can converse with a real user.

Please refer to the default personalities created in your app dashboard to learn more.


Q. How is the AI Bots Assist feature different from Smart Replies?

The AI Bots Assist feature is unlike Smart Replies because the bots act like a guide/friend/mentor in a conversation and allow the user to ask for any suggestion/thoughts from the AI bot.


Q. Which plans is this feature available in?

This feature is currently in an Early Access Program (EAP). The plan will be announced at a later date.


Q. Which implementation methods support this feature?

Currently, Summarizer, AI Bots and AI Assistants are available in our APIs and SDKs.


Q. How can I implement this feature?

Here are the steps to add this feature:


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