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1. What is this feature?

Presenter mode can be used to provide a calling environment where a few users are actively contributing or presenting in a talk/listen mode to a larger audience who are only in a listen/view mode, for example, a podcast.

  • One or more users can present their video, audio, and/or screen if they have been selected as presenters. 
  • Up to 100 viewers can view the presentation, but they cannot share their audio, video, or screens.
  • Features such as mute/unmute audio, show/hide camera capture, recording, etc. will be enabled only for the presenters in this mode.

2. How can this feature be used?

This feature can be used to create experiences such as an all-hands call, show-and-tell sessions, podcasts, chat shows, etc. 

3. How can I implement this feature?

You can implement this feature using the CometChat Calls SDKs. Please find the instructions here without our SDK guides.
4. What plans is this feature available in?
This feature is currently in EAP. The subscription plans will be announced at a later date.

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