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CometChat Dictionary

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A key term that we use in place of "projects." For example, you may have different projects with different users; this will require you to create separate apps to silo out the different users.

Auth Key

A type of key generated from your CometChat dashboard to create & log in users. We recommend using this in your client-side code during development.

Auth Token

An auth token should generally be generated by API calls, via server-to-server calls. The auth token should then be given to CometChat for login. Auth tokens should be per user, per device.

Rest API Key

Another type of key generated from your CometChat dashboard that can be used to perform any CometChat operation in your server-side code.


A user is defined as anyone who uses CometChat.

User Roles

A role is a category for a group of similar users. For example, you may want to group your premium users using the role "Premium". You then use this to filter users or enable/disable features by writing conditional code.

User List

The User List can be used to build the Contacts or Who's Online view in your app.


A group can be used for multiple users to communicate with each other on a particular topic/interest.


The UID is typically the primary ID of the user from your database. Each user will be uniquely identified using the UID.


The GUID is typically the primary ID of the group from your database. Each group will be uniquely identified using the GUID. If you do not store group information in your database, you can generate a random string for use as GUID. CometChat supports three types of groups; public, password & private.


Once a participant joins a group, they become a member of the group. Members are part of the group indefinitely i.e. they will keep receiving messages, calls & notifications. To stop, the participant must either be kicked, banned, or intentionally leave the group. We support three different types of member scopes within a group.


CometChat messaging has four different categories.