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How do I migrate from v2 to v3 seamlessly? ⚒

Anant Garg
Anant Garg
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Heard about all the hype? Our new v3 is here. Faster speeds, bigger groups, and a whole lot more!

Looking for a way to upgrade from your older CometChat version? This article is meant for you!


⚠️ You must upgrade to our v3 SDKs to take advantage of the v3.0 version update. Earlier SDK versions are not compatible with our v3 version. This can be updated in your project source code or you can check the right panel on our code repository.



Creating a new v3 App

To create a new App on v3, please select the option while creating a new App. This article is specifically for a guide to migration. A new v3 app can be created from your CometChat dashboard!



Upgrading from v2 to v3 is seamless and super easy 

Upgrade your existing apps from v2 to v3 is an easy 2-step process. Your App will need to be upgraded from the front end as well as from the back end. Follow the steps below to get started!


1️⃣ Send a request for migration to our team from your CometChat dashboard. Navigate to the settings of the App you would like to upgrade and click on the Migrate app to the v3 button. This will notify our team to upgrade your backend to v3.



2️⃣ Our team will reach out to you and initiate a chat to confirm the next steps. We will then make the necessary changes on the backend. Once completed, your app status will change to Migrating. This is a sign for you to go ahead with the front-end migration as per the integration option you are using.



3️⃣ Once your app is in the migrating stage, you will need to upgrade the front-end SDKs and UI kits to v3.0 to complete the migration. Specific upgrade guides:


A few methods also require an update. Please refer to these links below for the changes required as per the different platform options:

Javascript: Upgrading from v2

IOS: Upgrading from v2

Android: Upgrading from v2

React Native: Upgrading from v2

Ionic Cordova Capacitor: Upgrading from v2


4️⃣ Once these changes have been completed in your app, you can then head to the settings tab from your dashboard and toggle the switch for app migration to V3 as Complete.




With this step, you have successfully completed the migration and your app is now v3.


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