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How do I migrate from my current chat provider? ⏩

Anant Garg
Anant Garg
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Before we talk about the migration features we have, we need to first understand two scenarios:

  1. If you have a website/web app (and no mobile apps), migration is relatively simple. This is because once you've updated your website/web app, your users will instantly experience your updated version, on page reload.

  2. If you have mobile apps, migration is slightly complicated (but don't worry!). This is because even after you've released a new version of your apps, all your users will not instantly download the latest version; leading to some users being on the older version (and hence, your existing chat) and some users on the new version (and hence, CometChat).


We offer historical and real-time migration so that we can smoothly handle scenarios 1 & 2.


Historical Migration

Required for scenarios 1 & 2

Before you launch your new website/app with CometChat, you simply need to provide CometChat with a data dump of your existing chat service. Our team will then import this data into CometChat. This process is entirely white-gloved, with little to no work from your end.


Typically, here is what the process looks like:

  1. Verification: 2 weeks before launch, you provide us with sample data so that we can verify it. This takes a few days.
  2. Bulk Import: 1 week before launch, you provide us with the complete export so that we can process the data and import it. This takes a few days.
  3. Top up: On the day of launch, you provide us with export of just last week's data so that we can import it. This takes a few hours.


We can import the following data:

  • Messages (including media messages)

  • Groups (including members part of relevant groups)

  • Users

Feel free to get in touch if you need to import any additional data.


Real-time Migration

Required for scenario 2


In order to handle the scenario where some of your users are on the older version of your app and some are on the latest version (which has CometChat), we set up a real-time migration between your existing chat service and CometChat.

You simply need to modify your existing chat service as follows-

  1. You set up a webhook that sends all messages to an end-point we provide

  2. You provide us with an API that we can use to send messages to

Once you've set up the above, any message sent to CometChat is automatically sent to your existing chat service and vice-versa. This ensures that users in your existing app can continue to chat with users in your new app (which has CometChat).


Get in touch with us below if you'd like to start the migration today!