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Where can I find my app credentials? 🔑

Anant Garg
Anant Garg
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Losing your keys can easily ruin your day. Those 5-10 frantic minutes of searching and retracing your steps won't be necessary here! You can REST easily (API pun 🙊) knowing that your keys and app credentials will always be in the same place.


To access this, simply follow the steps provided below:

  1. Log into your CometChat account

  2. Select the appropriate app

  3. Head into API & Auth Keys. In the first window, you will be able to access your App ID (green indicated) and your Auth key (blue indicated). To access your REST API keys, simply toggle to the next window as indicated in the arrows below:


⚠️ Wait! Stop. Before proceeding any further, please ensure you have set up the correct region for your project as per the App created

💡 Access to our App Management APIs is only available with our Multi-tenant Plans.To retrieve your Authorization Key and Secret, please
contact our Support team below


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