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Anant Garg
Anant Garg
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Here at CometChat, we have one mission in mind that we're laser-focused on. That mission is to help fuel customer growth through meaningful user-to-user engagement 🚀

That's why we've spent countless hours, days, and fingers (keyboard joke 😉) creating a library of resources to help you succeed!


Let us break it down on how you should leverage our resources:


Implementation Hub

Check out our Documentation! Our documentation will provide you with valuable resources that break it down and make your life easier when it comes to integrating different facets of our product.


Account Hub

For all things account-related, you can visit our Help Center where you will find insightful details about billing, pricing, product usage, and more! Don't forget to also check our updates page to see what innovations our team has recently cooked up.

💡 Our Documentation is for everything development-related and our Help Center is for everything account-related 


Business Library

  1. Leverage our Tutorials per your business use-case

  2. We know your time is valuable ⏱. That's why we've done the industry research for you and detailed it on our Blog


Contacting Support

Need more help? No problem, our Support team is standing by ready to attend to any of your questions! Here's how you can reach them:

  1. Through Live Chat right from your dashboard

  2. Via Email

  3. Have an emergency? Submit a request and let us know by selecting the appropriate priority

  4. Community Forum

As you can see, we take your success very seriously. And if those resources still aren't enough, we also have our Sales team standing by to connect with! They enjoy long talks on chat and when they're not on a call helping customers, they're helping fix the world's shortage of calculators! How else would they help you crunch up the numbers to help provide you and your team with a cost-effective solution? 👨🏻‍🔧👩🏽‍🔧