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Why you should be using v3 moving forward 🚀

Anant Garg
Anant Garg
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When creating an app, we strongly recommend using our v3 (stable). And if you're still on our v2, check out the reasons below on what you can now leverage with our new massive upgrade!

  1. Faster connection & response times

  2. Higher rate limits

  3. Supports up to 100K users in a group

  4. Unlimited groups

  5. Support for Transient Messages

  6. Real-time user & group members count

  7. Support for 1M concurrent users

  8. And more!

Our v3 provides you with a stronger infrastructure, scalability, and more feature-based solutions to take your chat to the next level!


Ready to migrate over to our v3? Click here to get started today.