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What is CometChat? 🚀

Anant Garg
Anant Garg
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What is CometChat?

CometChat is a platform for integrating voice, video, & text messaging experiences onto your website, web apps, and mobile apps so that your users can interact with each other 👫🎉!


Why is chat so important?

Because it's a way for your users to build a connection to your business. It increases time spent on your platform/application, increases a sense of community, and belonging, and creates relationships that go beyond any tangible measure!


Why is CometChat the solution for me?

Here's the reason why: we provide a no-code solution (Chat Widgets), UI Kits, SDKs, and APIs to enable you to quickly build a full-fledged chat solution for pretty much any type of use case! With these integration methods, we help streamline and eliminate a bunch of development costs and your time-to-market just got that much faster 😎.

💡 Pro-tip: our UI Kits help eliminate ~80% of the development work!


Integration methods available with CometChat 🔌:


  1. Chat Widgets are a ready-to-use, plug-and-play model that will have your chat up and running in a matter of minutes! Chat settings such as the hiding/showing of actionable chat functions are readily available through your CometChat Dashboard. The only caveat with this method is that the customizations are minimal in comparison to our SDKs or UI Kits.

  2. UI Kits are open-source and thus the entire codebase is available to you. Once the UI Kit has been integrated into your app, you can then customize the code to create a look and feel that's complementary to your brand and user's desire! This option is far more customizable and ideal from a time and cost perspective. However, UI Kits will still require some level of effort concerning development (in this case, modifying the UI Kit code to suit your UI requirements).

  3. SDKs are the last method that we provide as it uses the core CometChat SDK (on top of which the UI Kits and Chat Widgets are built), thus allowing you to create your UI straight from scratch! This is the option where maximum customizations are possible as everything needs to be done within your app using the SDKs. However, the caveat of this option is that it will involve a substantial amount of development time and effort as compared to our Chat Widget and UI Kits.


As you can see, each option mentioned above is a viable option for any of your business needs! The option you choose will depend on your use case, the level of customizations required and the development time and effort you are willing to invest.


Here are some next steps we suggest 👇:

1) Sign up today for a free CometChat account

2) Check out our Documentation centre to select your integration method

4) Use the Getting Started section of our Help Center to help you navigate

5) Check out our GitHub to view our sample apps

6) Create an app and start building out your POC

7) Contact our Sales team to find a plan that's right for you!