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Welcome to the first step in building out and integrating our robust chat solution! 🚀


To get things started, head on over to your CometChat dashboard. From the account level, you will be able to seamlessly create new apps (projects) but also manage existing ones. To create your first app, simply follow the instructions outlined below:

💡 We recommend creating two apps - one for testing and one for 

💡 If you have different users on separate platforms and you do not
want them communicating with each other, we recommend creating two
separate production apps for each respective user-base

💡 When selecting your Region, select a region that is closest to
your users for better performance
  1. Log into your CometChat account


  2. Select Add New App


  3. Fill out all the appropriate fields and Add App (we strongly recommend using our v3 💪)


Changing App Names

If you've made a mistake or would like to change the names on your apps to reference your projects better, simply:

  1. Click on Settings and fill out the field below App Name


  2. Once finalized, then select Save Settings

Don't forget to also upgrade your app to our free forever plan! Any new app that's created will expire in 30 days unless an upgrade has been made. To continue testing or using the app, please see here.


Have more questions? Reach out to our Support team today!

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