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How are MAU & CCU calculated? 🧮

Anant Garg
Anant Garg
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Monthly active users (MAU) & concurrent users (CCU) will be calculated with respect to each active app on your monthly billing.

MAU & CCU will not be cumulative across all of your active apps. Therefore, your billing will occur on the app level and not the account level (cumulative).


Check out our articles on MAU and CCU to learn more about their definitions!


All Plans
*5% concurrency incl.


How is MAU calculated?

How is CCU calculated?


Per respective app

Per respective app


Per respective app

Per respective app


Per respective app

Per respective app



*Developer Plan: If you're on an Essentials 10k plan, this means that your plan will include 10,000 MAU and 500 CCU (5% concurrency included). Your billing will then be calculated based on these values - per app that has an Essentials 10k subscription plan.

*If you go over the allowable usage values provided, your account will then incur $0.03 per additional MAU and $1 per additional CCU. The greater amount of the two will be taken into account and charged.

For example, if you incur $100 MAU above the allowed MAU limit and $50 above the allowed CCU limit, you will be charged overages of $100 only.


Where can I find my current billing usage?

You can find your usage information for the current billing cycle on the Overview page on the left-hand side of your menu within your dashboard to view billing data.



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