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Best practices for your upcoming live event 🎙

Anant Garg
Anant Garg
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Hosting a live event can be stressful 😤. Everything can go wrong or everything can go right, there's no in-between!

Luckily for you, we've created this article to help you plan and execute a flawless, unique, live virtual event. Our team has worked hard and diligently to provide you with a reliable infrastructure to do just that and a quick and valuable prevention tool for your event. That way, you will be able to triage any issues before it occurs!


💡 Have an upcoming event with a large headcount? Connect with our Sales team today so that they can help place you in the right package!


⚠️ The following script is for front-end load testing, only. This test will simulate live user-messaging

⚠️ It is highly recommended to run the script if you are operating on our UI Kits or SDKs to ensure that the adjustments you've made are

⚠️ Operating on our Chat Widgets? A load test will not be necessary as our Widget has been trialed and battle-tested 😤


Here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Create your app within our v3 environment (strongly recommended)

  2. Create a separate app for testing and another for production

  3. Configure your app and UI

  4. Install Javascript SDK 3.0.1+

  5. If you'd like to run the load test from the browser console, please add CometChat in globals
    global["CometChat"] = CometChat
  6. Run the script provided below:

    function sendMessages(numberOfMessagesToBeSentPerMinute, message){

    if(numberOfMessagesToBeSentPerMinute <60)></60)>

    numberOfMessagesToBeSentPerMinute = 60


    var numberOfMessagesToBeSentPerSecond = Math.floor(numberOfMessagesToBeSentPerMinute/60);

    var sendMessageInterval = setInterval(()={

    for(var i=0;i<numberofmessagestobesentpersecond;></numberofmessagestobesentpersecond;>



    }, 1000);


    let jsonMessage = {

    "id": "1",

    "conversationId": "group_supergroup",

    "sender": "superhero1",

    "receiverType": "group",

    "receiver": "supergroup",

    "category": "message",

    "type": "text",

    "data": {

    "text": "Hello",

    "entities": {

    "sender": {

    "entity": {

    "uid": "superhero1",

    "name": "Iron Man",

    "avatar": "https://data-us.cometchat.io/assets/images/avatars/ironman.png",

    "status": "offline",

    "role": "default",

    "createdAt": 1631197664


    "entityType": "user"


    "receiver": {

    "entity": {

    "guid": "supergroup",

    "name": "Comic Heros' Hangout",

    "icon": "https://data-us.cometchat.io/assets/images/avatars/supergroup.png",

    "type": "public",

    "membersCount": 3,

    "conversationId": "group_supergroup",

    "createdAt": 1631197664,

    "owner": "superhero1"


    "entityType": "group"




    "sentAt": 1631197767,

    "updatedAt": 1631197767


    sendMessages(60, jsonMessage);
  7. Resolve any immediate issues that you see

  8. Repeat step 6

  9. Fill out & complete our Events Form

  10. Activate the appropriate subscription for your production app

  11. Wow your attendees with a flawless event! 😎


⚠️ If you're hosting a large event via Chat Widgets, please enable "Hide Group Notifications" setting to avoid a flood of join 
notifications populating into the chat box. This will inevitably slow down the system

💡 For UI Kits & SDKs, please comment the "onGroupMemberJoined" real-time event

💡 Immediately following the event, do not forget to remove the chat from any live pages to avoid account overages

🚨 If you run into any issues during a live event, use our emergency line immediately located at the top of your CometChat dashboard


Have more questions? Reach out to our support team today!