Want to replicate data on one cometchat App to another cometchat App

Hello team,

We want to know if there is a way to replicate a cometchat app with all the data to another cometchat app. For e.g., suppose there is a cometchat app named 'lessonpal_prod', and we want to create another app, 'lessonpal_temp', which is an exact replica of 'lessonpal_prod' i.e. All the users, groups, and messages of lessonpal_prod should exist on lessonpal_temp.

Over the last few months, we have been trying to optimize the performance of our web app. We have set up a testing environment with the database as a replica of our production database and now want a way to get a replica of the cometchat production app. 

Please let us know ways to replicate a cometchat app's data to another cometchat app.

Account Details - 

account - delip@lessonpal.com
Production App appID - 211947367b50da53
Testing App appId - 218389ed249983ad

Requirement - 
Import all the users, groups, messages, and other data from Production App (appID - 211947367b50da53) to Testing App (appId - 218389ed249983ad).

Thanks and regards,

Anshuman Singh




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