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Thumbnail generation extension is not generating thumbnails for few cases

Anshuman Singh

Hello team,

We have been using cometchat javascript SDK for over 3 months, and recently we have integrated attachment functionality in our web app. For images and videos, we are using the cometchat thumbnail generation extension.

For a couple of mp4 videos, the thumbnail is not generated.
File link - https://data-us.cometchat.io/2059436ea2ab5c4d/media/1666090270_1489437543_5ca0d915c10ff0e78d2d51f49114e650.mp4
Thumbnail link - https://data-us.cometchat.io/2059436ea2ab5c4d/media/thumbnails/0e05a9a9_f817_4e6b_9d1a_f4b9120e7032_small.jpg
If you see the thumbnail URL opens a blank page on the browser.

We were wondering what could be the reason for this.

Other details - 

App ID - 2059436ea2ab5c4d



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    Keagan Ellis

    Hey Anshuman,

    Thanks for reaching out. We will need some more information:

    1. Can you please share the version of the Javascript SDK you are using?
    2. Do you see any errors in the browser console?

    Thank you.

    Keagan Ellis


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