How do I add basic security to my WordPress plugin?

If you were not prompted to add your Auth Key during your WordPress CometChat Plugin installation, it is possible that the Basic Security features of CometChat are not enabled.

Before you begin, Sign in to your CometChat Client Area and click on the Manage button and then note down the Auth Key present in API Keys (top right button).

Then perform these steps to enable Basic Security

Ensure your WordPress CometChat Plugin is equal or greater than 7.27.3

If you have an older version, you can download and install the latest version. (You may have to delete the older plugin.)

Download the CometChat WordPress Plugin Zip File

Once your new plugin has been installed, click on the CometChat Plugin

Add the Auth Key that you’ve copied-

Once you’ve added the Auth Key, visit the CometChat Admin Panel and head over to Settings -> Authentication. Under Security, enable the “Enable Auth Key Verification?” setting.

Clear your browser cache and login to your WordPress site.

We strongly recommend switching off Guest chat feature in CometChat Admin Panel.