What should I do in an emergency ?

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Short answer: click this link, fill out the fields, and select P1, Production Down, when you get to the Impact section.

Long answer: We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent experience and hold ourselves to high standards. As with anything else in life, sometimes incidents happen, and we want to make sure you know what to do if services go down. 

For clarity, an emergency is when a live production site is down. So, if end-users cannot access chat services, that’s an emergency. It is not an emergency if something is occurring in a staging or dev environment or if users are experiencing a bug within a live environment. Bugs are also a high priority for us, but it is only an emergency if your users cannot access live CometChat services. This differentiation is important because it allows us to provide fast responses to actual emergencies. 

In case of an emergency, the fastest way to get help is to go to our help page and create a new support ticket using this link. In the first dropdown you will select “Report a service incident” 




You must answer all the required fields and the more information you give us the better. If your ticket only says - my customers can’t access chat - we have very little information to help us start troubleshooting your issue. If you have specific error messages or code snippets or crash logs, please include them and tell us the exact workflow that is being interrupted. The more information you include the better, so never worry about oversharing! 

After you have entered all the details you will be asked to tell us how this is impacting your business. For an emergency select P1 - Production Down. 




Once you submit this ticket, our emergency notification system will go into effect and you will hear back from us within minutes to let you know we’ve seen the ticket and are working on it.

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