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How to Enable Profanity Filter

Hilary Wainwright
Hilary Wainwright
  • Updated:

Head to your App and scroll down the left hand menu to Extensions. 


In the Moderation section you will find Profanity Filters. 

Click Enable. 

Click the settings wheel to configure. 


If you choose “Yes” in the dropdown under “Drop message with Profanity” then messages with profanity will not be sent. If you choose “No” the message will be sent but the profanity will be masked. 


You can manually add any explicit words you want to the Explicit Words section, simply separate with a comma. You can also click on Use Default List to automatically use our prebuilt profanity list and filter out the most common uses of profanity instantly. At any time, you can add explicit words to the list. 


Always remember to save your settings!