How To Use the Usage-Metrics API

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If you’d like to take a closer look at the usage inside your App. Or, if you’re a multi-tenant customer and you want to understand how your different Apps are contributing to your total usage, you can use our Usage-Metrics API to gather this information. 

  1. If you are on a multi-tenant plan, you will want to get a list of all Apps under your account. You can do this using our list-apps API. You’ll just need your Auth key and Auth Secret. If you don’t have your Auth Secret you can request one by submitting a request here

  1. Once you have the list of all App IDs, head to the usage-metrics API. First, enter the date ranges (make sure you use a Unix timestamp) that you’d like to see usage for. 

  1. Then, over to the right, enter the Rest API key from your Dashboard in the Header field. 

  1. Then, enter the App ID and region in the Base URL Field. 

  1. Click on the Try It button in the CURL field and your usage will pop up below. You’ll be able to see the following data for your App: 


If you get an error, double check the App ID, region, date stamps, and Rest API key. If all that info is populated, you should see your data. 


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