How can I connect to my users in the UAE?

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Seamless connectivity to CometChat cloud services.

CometChat places no restrictions on the use of its services by end users.

However, there may be situations where the end users face problems due to the underlying network providers in a specific area. This could prevent end users from accessing CometChat services for in-app messaging and calling.

If your end users face such an issue, please take the following steps:

  1. Please reach out to CometChat support ( and mention where your users are located so that we can make the relevant server side configuration for your app. Once we have done this we will let you know and then you will follow the below steps to complete the process. 

  2. While initializing the SDK using the CometChat.init() method in your SDK, use the overrideAdminHost() and the overrideClientHost() methods to override the default SDK configuration. Please use the below values:

    1. overrideAdminHost(“https://{app_id}”)

    2. overrideClientHost(“https://{app_id}”)
      Please replace the {app_id} in the above URLs with your CometChat app id.

This new settings will apply to all your users.

Please note that this will not work or take effect unless the necessary configuration changes are completed by the CometChat support team as a part of step (1) mentioned above.

You can find the instructions for your SDK initialization under the relevant language/platform documentation under the Setup section for that SDK. For example, for Javascript SDK:


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