How to Enable Data Masking

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Head to your App and scroll down the left hand menu to Extensions. 


In the Moderation section you will find Data Masking.

Click Enable. 

Click the settings wheel to configure. 


If you Toggle the option to “Drop Message” then messages with the data types you choose to eliminate will not be sent. If you leave this untoggled, the message will be sent but the data will be masked. 


You can choose from our pre-set list of data types to mask, and/or you can build your own custom data masking selections. The custom data masking fields are built on Regular Expressions, so simply find the Regular Expression which corresponds to the data you wish to mask, and then upload it in the New Regex Pattern field. 

For example, if you wish to mask a ten digit number you would place ^\d{10}$ in the Regex field. 


Always remember to save your settings!

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