How Does Multi-Tenancy Work?

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Here at CometChat we offer something called Multi-Tenancy. This allows you to create an unlimited number of Apps under one CometChat account. This option is great for anyone who needs to have multiple instances of our chat feature deployed for different groups of users. This keeps all data completely separate, but only requires one CometChat bill every month. Think B2B, events, dev shops, etc. 

If you need multi-tenancy, you’ve probably got a lot of Apps to create, and they probably all need the same configuration. The beauty of our multi-tenancy plan is that you can programmatically create Apps using our APIs and save yourself a huge amount of time. You can configure your settings to your needs, copy the script, and create as many identical Apps as you need. By using a configuration template and/or a process based code pattern, apps can be created and managed in a consistent manner.

To use our App management APIs, you’ll need your Authorization Key and Authorization Secret, which we generate for you. You can request this from our support team or from the sales team when you get signed up for your multi-tenancy plan. 


Once you’re on a multi-tenant plan, you can create all the Apps you want. You will have one App associated with your subscription, and all of your Apps will draw from the usage limits of that subscription. So, if you are on a multi-tenant 10k user plan, the cumulative number of users across all your Apps will need to remain under 10k to avoid any extra fees. But you can have one App with 100 monthly users and one with 8k - as long as you know your total expected usage, we can get you on the right plan! 

We also offer analytics APIs for you to measure usage on your Apps and analyze how each App is performing. You can keep an eye on usage to make sure you’re not in danger of going over your plan limits and you can make sure all Apps have actively engaged users. 

Reach out to the sales team if you’d like to learn more about our multi-tenancy plans! 

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