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How can I export data and messages? 📤

Anant Garg
Anant Garg
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So you have finally built out your app, brought it to fruition and your users are now engaging with each other...yay! 🎊

Now you need to export the messages and you're at the right place to learn how ⬇️


There are two methods to achieve this - via the Dashboard and using our Rest API. Here's how to get started:

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard and select the relevant app



2. Select Messages and click on the Historical Messages (& Export) tab.


3. Enter the dates for the export and there you go! 👍


The CSV export offers the following fields:

"Message","Message type","Sender","Receiver","Receiver type","Sent at"

"They are in monica's apartment","Text","Captain America","Comic Heros Hangout","Group","Saturday, 27th June 2020, 10:20:46 pm"


If you prefer to use the API, our List Messages API will retrieve the messages for your App.


Have any questions? Reach out to our support team today!